Sunday, December 25, 2011

This past week's work

I started a graphite head study on bristol vellum.  This is after 2 hours.  I'll be posting again after the next session.

It's amazing all the different colors and temperatures you can achieve by painting white objects on white. I also like the creepiness of the pose and how I blurred the face out.  I was especially inspired by the work of Willem de Kooning and I wanted to incorporate more looseness and abstraction in the strokes.

Variation on the same theme.  I want to do a series of these.  This one the pictures look much more greenish blue and yellow than they actually are.  I'll post something better soon.

All of these little sketches are painted on 9x12" canvas paper, which is really absorbant.  For this last one, I brushed a thin layer of linseed oil over the top to help soak it up before I began to lay on the paint. I also liked how brushing it on over the underdrawing smeared it a little in some places.  Unfortunately none of it ended up showing through in the final image, but I'm hoping to do some more experimentation with that in the future.

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