Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday night break from painting at Babbo's NYC

Good news! I have been selected to participate in "Women in the Heights: Intersections" at the NoMAA NYC gallery space in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Still waiting to hear back from the schools I've applied to for MFA's in painting.  My list includes:

New York Academy of Art
Hunter College
New York Studio School
University of Utah
Brigham Young University

In the meantime, I decided that David and I needed a break from life and spend the night in the city, so we went out to dinner.

Babbo is a restaurant owned by the Iron Chef, Mario Batali, located in the Village.  This was my first 4 star restaurant experience I've ever had and was worth every penny.  Though it was hard to get away from my Saturday of studio immersion time, David and I had an AMAZING dinner.  We had octopus, pumpkin ravioli, beef cheek ravioli, duck and lamb and got to try lily stalk, broccoli rabe pesto, and chick pea bruschetta.  The pumpkin ravioli, or "Pumpkin Lune" was my favorite and possibly the most delicious thing I've ever eaten--I think the octopus came in a pretty close second.  I definitely recommend this place if you ever get a chance.

Pumpkin Lune

Grilled Octopus

Beef Cheek Ravioli

Duck with lily stalk on top of barley

lamb chops with broccoli rabe pesto on top of grilled red onion

After dinner, David and I ran over to the nearest Barnes and Noble, where he was really excited to look up authentic Italian cookbooks.  I kept pushing for him to try and find a book with a good pumpkin ravioli dish, of course.  I got to look at a good Arthur Rackham and a Velasquez book that had amazing close up shots of his paint strokes. Fun night.

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