Saturday, February 25, 2012

New 3 hour head study at GCA

Here is my grasaille block in after 40 minutes.

My completed 3 hour study.  I would've liked to go another hour to add some more color and soften some more edges, particularly on the forehead.

Here is Rick Piloco's demo.  He spent 20 minutes on the first head to show us a basic block in, 20 minutes on the second to show us adding color in bold strokes, and finally only 20 minutes on the last to show us taking both of those steps and refining the work more.  I thought it gave me a good idea to see how did it as I was.  It was very helpful in deciding colors and temperature shifts.

This is me and David inside Grand Central Station.  It's fun to get to come in and out of this station every time I go to Grand Central Academy.

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