Friday, April 6, 2012

24 hour head study

Here is my completed head study from my March class at Grand Central Academy taught by Gregory Mortenson and Carla Crawford.  I loved doing this painting and I think the colors came out really nice.  I'm excited because I will also be able to take this class for the month of April, so hopefully I will have something to post soon from a new model to work with.  I am particularly happy with a few discoveries I made during the process of this painting:

1. Gamblin's Asphaltum is amazing and can make beautiful temperature shifts in flesh tones
2. It's much better to have lots of roundness in the glabella as it falls back into the eyebrows and eye          sockets.
3. Turpentine works great as a medium and doesn't dry shiny like linseed oil does.
4. Forms on the face gray out as they move away from the light and especially as they recede back toward the shadows, jaw or hair line.

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