Friday, April 13, 2012

SAMUEL EVENSEN Opening at Kirkland Gallery 4/12/2012

I got to go to the opening of Samuel's show last night and I was blown away by his great paintings.  Check out his great brushstrokes and color palette. Beautiful work. I love this grouping of sleepers.  You would be amazed at how small they were.

The rawness of the way these legs and this hand were painted are to me visually stunning.  I love how you can see--almost feel every stroke of paint that he applied.  The pose is also very interesting.

This is probably my favorite piece in the show.  The colors are so mysterious and that band of light is so interesting.  I like how he explained that these paintings have to do with the metaphysical realm of the space between awake and asleep, life and death.  The head is sort of fogged out and the hand is just a whisper of detail with the finger, but look at how it reads.

Just wanted to make sure you got to see that hand up close.

These paintings were really great too--just enough color and value to discern the subject matter.  These two women are sisters and the discovery is in finding the space joining them and understanding that.

I love how one is head is turned sideways.

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